About US 

VONDS is a private independent holistic business. We have been operating for about 2 years now. We absolutely love caring and assisting of our clients and providing the upmost relaxing experience while providing knowledge for a more stable, smoother walk in life. It completes our day to see the many smiles of satisfaction and to know that we are improving lives mind, body, and soul.

From day one, VONDS was built on a foundation of genuine love and care. We believe that self, knowledge, and relaxation is essential for everyone's well being. What defines us is positive excellence. We approach every encounter in a lightly manner. Judgement is not allowed in this space. Empathy is widely used so that we are able to seek and understand your needs because we accept and celebrate your individuality. Our gratitude is sky high.

Our Philosophy 

Vision is most important. Some say seeing is believing, but what about the things you can't and don't see? Its where intuition comes into play. A vision can also be a dream, leading you to something great. What does your vision see?

We do live in a world of duality, meaning there are to sides to everything. Intuition allows one to immediately understand without the need for an explanation. Some say intuition is true.